Live at Liberton Rugby Club – 21 April 2018

We managed to get a 10 song set together to play at a fund raising event for the wonderful ‘Dads Rock Academy’. ‘Dads Rock Academy (Facebook page) is Scotland’s first and only rock academy for young people and their parents. It offers weekly rock band tuition to kids and their dads, as well as giving them a free instrument whilst they attend the academy.  Dads Rock Academy is open for young people aged 7-16 years to attend.  The idea is that the families learn together, having a shared experience of learning how to rock!’

All went well with our set and the whole night was a joy, and to see so many aspiring musicians, young and not so young, start out in there live musical journeys was a privilege. Thanks so much to everybody who put so much into the event and gave us such a lovely welcome. We do need more rehearsal time of course, but we really enjoyed it and the few videos taken don’t look all that bad. Thanks to the video and photo takers especially Grant Dickson.

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