About The Postcards

The Postcards’ from Scotland. Specialising in re-interpretations of 80s indie, post punk & alternative music. Promising an excellent evening of classic indie covers played with real passion.

The world is full of people who remember when music was a way of life, not just a commodity, and love to hear the ‘songs that saved their lives’ back in the day. The Postcards days are the era of the great indie records that inspired such passion in them and you. They don’t play the boring classic rock anthems or modern synthetic pop standards. Their unique set is full of indie songs the ‘not so young’ remember and love, but are familiar to, and well received by all ages.

That set is building up and coming to a venue near you soon! Includes both indie classics and critically acclaimed rarities from bands like Orange Juice, The Smiths, The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and R.E.M. among many others.

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